Oregon Climate Action Plan

Help shape the Oregon Climate Action Plan (OCAP).

We’re excited by Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Order directing state agencies to take actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Considered to be the most sweeping executive order on climate in the nation, this plan is a sector-by-sector approach for Oregon to transition away from dirty energy that puts carbon, sulfur and arsenic in our air and water and puts the future of our kids and grandkids at risk.

A new report highlights progress and setbacks.

Here’s how you can help.

To learn how you can participate, fill out this Climate Engagement Questionnaire, and someone from Renew Oregon will be in touch.

Oregon’s Climate Action Plan will help protect Oregon’s landscapes, cities and people from the effects of climate change.

Special thanks to our friends from Renew Oregon and Climate Solutions for their positive, constructive efforts to build consensus around climate solutions! We look forward to working together to help shape OCAP.

The Keeling Curve is a daily record of the global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have now surpassed 417 parts per million. Governor Brown’s initiative will reduce emissions.