Grassroots action for a stable climate

It’s our birthday! Check out the June 4th program of Willamette Wakeup on KMUZ Community Radio to hear three impassioned members of 350 Salem OR as they recount our history and successes over the past decade. Phil Carver, Laurie Dougherty and Ray Quizenberry were interviewed by another longtime 350 Salem member, Tom Ellis.

Founded by a loose network of local activists in 2014, our mission is to build an inclusive grassroots movement focused on keeping fossil fuels in the ground, advocating for a just transition to a renewable energy economy, protecting our last old growth forests, and supporting community-based resilience in response to the climate emergency. Protecting the stability of our climate is the most urgent task our world faces.

CELEBRATE OUR ANNIVERSARY WITH US! Our potluck party is Sunday, June 23. For details, contact us at

The coming years are often referred to as our last chance to get on track to co-existing with our planet. Many activists and scientists warn there is even less time remaining. Every day and every degree matters in direct proportion to suffering and survival.

Our parent group,, has been central in the fight for a stable climate. Outgoing Co-founder and Executive Director May Boeve reflects what she has learned about strategy, mobilization, climate justice and activism. Her insights bear on current and future organizing — from intergenerational solidarity to the double-edged role of technology to the nitty gritty of behind-the-scenes work.

A webinar from Beyond Toxics highlighted problems with the Coffin Butte landfill. Even though the landfill is in Benton County, it is really our landfill. Marion County sends more solid waste to Coffin Butte than any other county. Alarmingly, highly toxic landfill leachate is being trucked from Coffin Butte and dumped into Salem’s sewer system and ultimately into the Willamette River.

Beyond Toxics invites us to stay informed for future actions, and to become part of the solution by doing everything we can to reduce our contribution to the landfill.

Tom Ellis, host of 350 Salem’s radio program, The Elephant in the Room, talked with Ben Deumling, the owner of a truly sustainable logging operation, Zena Forest Products. The program, which aired on KMUZ, explored how climate change will affect Oregon forestry. Deumling is also a member of the Oregon Board of Forestry, which recently adopted a Habitat Conservation Plan that will provide stronger protections for state forests in Oregon.

“Fifty years from now people will likely look back on this era through the lens of having seen catastrophic climate changes that we cannot even imagine. Our legacy will depend on the level of moral courage we display in this difficult challenge.”

350 Salem OR Co-coordinator Phil Carver

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