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350 Salem OR is a grassroots organization taking local action for a stable climate and sustainable planet.

Find your passion! Join or lead a 350 Salem Work Team.

Do you have a particular passion as far as climate action? Now you can join or even lead a 350 Salem OR Work Team to focus on what you most care about. Work teams will hold in-depth discussions, develop strategies, carry out activities, and report back to the larger group. Learn more.

The CITY FOCUS Work Team will carry out analysis and advocacy around the ongoing Salem Climate Action Plan, the Salem Transportation System Plan, and other climate-related city initiatives. This team meets the last Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. Email

Good news for biking in Salem!

The city’s $300 million Salem Community Infrastructure Bond was officially approved by nearly 65% of voters! This package includes more than $20 million toward projects with safe bike infrastructure over the next decade, and will include notable improvements like parking-protected bike lanes on Union Street, a key piece to crosstown connections. LEARN MORE

Mature and old growth forests are worth more standing!

In April, President Biden recognized the importance of our mature and old-growth trees and forests on federal lands as an essential climate solution, and directed federal agencies to inventory and develop policies to protect them. Despite this Executive Order, the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management continue to log these essential climate-saving trees and forests at alarming rates.

It only takes a moment to make a big difference. Here’s how you can take action to save old growth forests.

350 Salem will now meet the second Saturday of each month.

We’ve adopted a new meeting schedule! Join us on Zoom on the 2nd Saturday of each month for our general HUB Meetings. We’ll have updates and reports about ongoing work, discussions and decisions, and announcements of upcoming activities. To participate, email, with “Hub Meeting” in the Subject line.

Climate Science Basics: just the facts …

Fifty years from now people will likely look back on this era through the lens of having seen catastrophic climate changes that we cannot even imagine. Our legacy will depend on the level of moral courage we display in this difficult challenge.  

350 Salem OR Co-coordinator Phil Carver
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