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350 Salem OR is a grassroots organization taking local action for a stable climate and sustainable planet.

Hundreds rally in opposition to Wall Street forestry and false climate solutions.

Dozens of organizations and hundreds of people came together from across the Pacific Northwest to protest the “Who Will Own the Forest” conference in Portland. Speakers at the rally called out forest carbon offsets as false solutions, highlighted the environmental impacts of industrial logging, and aimed criticism at the broader framing of the conference as an affront to Indigenous sovereignty. READ MORE

The planned action – and a counter conference – mark a first for the industry conference.

The Montana youth climate ruling could set a precedent for future climate litigation.

Rikki Held was one of 16 young plaintiffs, ages 5 to 22, who sued the state for promoting fossil fuel energy policies that they say violate their constitutional right to a “clean and healthful environment.”

A Montana judge’s historic ruling in a climate lawsuit brought by 16 young people could have implications for future climate litigation, legal experts say. The trial and ruling, which came during a summer rife with crippling heat waves and other climate change-fueled disasters, was a rare win for climate activists seeking support in court.

This marked the first time a U.S. court has ruled that young people have a fundamental right to a climate system that is safe and stable for their lives.

Tom Ellis is “Rethinking the Future.”

350 Salem OR member Tom Ellis writes that young people can find healing and help heal the planet through growing gardens and growing community. Read more at Medium.

Just say NO to the GTN XPress gas pipeline expansion!

The company that tried to build the controversial Keystone XL pipeline is now pushing to vastly increase the volume of fracked gas delivered through an Oregon pipeline.

The GTN XPress pipeline expansion project would lock our communities into expensive fossil fuel energy for decades.

The project also would impact the safety of nearby communities, continue harmful fracking on Tribal lands, and exacerbate the climate crisis. What’s more, gas pipelines are notorious for leaking methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

Tell FERC to deny the project!

Oregon is leading the way on monitoring toxic incinerator emissions.

The Willamette Valley has long been one of the nation’s primary dumping grounds for toxic medical waste. New legislation will require the Covanta incinerator in nearby Brooks to monitor for environmental hazards. This law makes Oregon the first state to require a higher standard of continuous emissions monitoring at incinerators.

We are immensely grateful to the many people who have worked tirelessly to promote social justice and safe communities, especially Senator Deb Patterson, who sponsored the legislation. THANK YOU!

Oregon becomes first state to require higher standard of continuous emissions monitoring at incinerators

Climate Science Basics: just the facts …

Fifty years from now people will likely look back on this era through the lens of having seen catastrophic climate changes that we cannot even imagine. Our legacy will depend on the level of moral courage we display in this difficult challenge.  

350 Salem OR Co-coordinator Phil Carver
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