Take Action

Young people speak up for climate action at the Oregon State Capitol.

Volunteers are needed and appreciated.

Climate change represents the biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life-support systems that make our world habitable. Join us in positive, effective grassroots planning and organizing. It will take all of us to ensure the livability and sustainability of our planet. Volunteer members contribute in many ways, including:

Letter Writing Campaigns: Write letters to local and state political leaders and the media, voicing support for effective climate action.  

Partnership Development: Develop and cultivate partnerships with other organizations, including spiritual communities, clubs and social justice organizations. We find strength together.

Outreach: Talk with people at local events, explain our cause, tell them how they can make a difference, and encourage them to join our events or meetings.

Choose your passion.

Climate Action Plan (City of Salem)

Keep It in the Ground

Clean Energy

Covanta/Marion Incinerator

Earth-Friendly Lifestyle

My Carbon Footprint

Helpful Resources

These online resources from 350.org will help you brush up on organizing skills and climate information, so you’ll be ready to take action as restrictions loosen.

We are no longer waiting for politicians to declare climate disruption an emergency and respond accordingly. We are going to declare the emergency ourselves, from below, just as social movements have always done.
–Naomi Klein