Vote Green

We all know how consequential this election year is. Many of our members, supporters and friends are campaigning hard for candidates we know will work to protect our climate and our communities. Please help us elect compassionate, smart leaders in November.

Deb Patterson

350 Salem OR is endorsing environmental champion Deb Patterson in her race for Oregon’s Senate District 10. After two sessions of Republican walkouts from the legislature to deny a quorum for voting on statewide climate action, we know how important it is to have people like Deb in the legislature. She supports climate action through cap and trade, investing in clean energy jobs with livable wages, and growth in public transportation and other sustainable infrastructure investments.

Ashley Carson Cottingham

Please help elect the first Democrat on the Marion County Commission in more than 40 years! Ashley Carson Cottingham is a 5th generation Oregonian who has served in Washington, D.C., on two U.S. Senate Committees and has worked for the State of Oregon on behalf of seniors and people with disabilities. “We must ensure sustainability of our agricultural land and environment for generations to come by taking action to reduce any negative environmental impact,” she says. “Climate change is real and is impacting our daily lives and our resources.”

Since large candidate events are off limits now, it’s important to do what we can to ensure that good candidates get the attention they deserve. We can help by educating ourselves on candidate positions, making phone calls, sending texts, displaying yard signs, hosting outdoor meet-and-greet gatherings, and communicating with friends and neighbors.