Stop Logging in Silver Falls

Silver Falls State Park is currently conducting post-fire logging in backcountry areas of the park. The majority of trees being cut are mature green trees, not unsafe hazard trees.

Aerial photo of the “burned” area near Catamount Trail, slated for logging

Profits from the logging operation are slated to go toward “forest health programs.” The best forest health program for Silver Falls would be to leave burned areas untouched, except where they are deemed a safety hazard.

Post-fire logging is an outdated, ecologically destructive practice that exchanges critical habitat, scenic beauty and recreation opportunities for board feet of timber and marginal economic benefits.

Post-fire landscapes are some of the most biodiverse habitats in the western United States, offering a home to many at-risk species. If these areas of Silver Falls are left to regenerate naturally, the land will see an increase in diversity among birds, native wildflowers, fungi and insects such as bees, and will provide improved habitat for small mammals and more forage for deer and elk.

Bear in unit slated for logging of mature, live trees

Salvage operations interrupt these healthy cycles. Research shows they also increase the future risk of high intensity fires and speed up climate change.

The parcel being logged is relatively small, but the precedent of logging in what’s known as the crown jewel of our State Park system is horrific. With increasing drought and high temperatures, Silver Falls is likely to see fire in the future. If officials can quietly undertake post-fire logging in Silver Falls without public outcry, there’s a greater chance they’ll feel more emboldened next time.

Live trees in “burned” area off the Perimeter Trail, slated for cutting

Please act now to stop unnecessary logging in Silver Falls!

Send an email to Oregon Parks and Recreation Department officials letting them know you strongly oppose logging in this irreplaceable park.

You are welcome to use this form letter. (Your letter will have more impact if you add a personal touch, but anything is helpful.)

Send your message to:

Lisa Sumption, Director
Oregon Parks and Recreation Department

Chris Havel, Associate Director
Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
(503) 986-0722

Chris Gilliand, Interim Park Manager
Silver Falls State Park

Mailing Address:
Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
725 Summer Street NE, Suite C
Salem, OR 97301

For more information, read Stop Logging in Silver Falls and the Statesman Journal story.