Salem Bike Vision

Message from City Councilor Virginia Stapleton, Cherriots Board Chair Ian Davidson, and Salem Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Vice-President Dylan McDowell:

Dear Salem Bike Vision Supporters: 

We wanted to make sure you saw the good news that the $300 million Salem Community Infrastructure Bond was officially approved by nearly 65% of voters! This package includes more than $20 million toward projects with safe bike infrastructure over the next decade, and will include notable improvements like parking-protected bike lanes on Union Street, a key piece to a East-West crosstown connection. 

Our team is eager to build on the work of the past few months as we look to 2023. Here are a few things you can expect from us:

  • Community Bike Rides: We hosted our first policymaker ride in September, and expect to host a Spring, Summer, and Fall community event for riders of all ages and skill levels. More details will be announced in the new year.
  • Communications and Engagement: We will be shifting to monthly email updates to share progress and highlight upcoming opportunities. We will also be more active on social media and are working to engage more businesses throughout the community. We have stickers and flyers they can display about SBV.
  • SBV Map Updates: We are in the process of making a Salem Bike Vision 2.0 map with new details and updated routes. We encourage you to reach out with any specific ideas or input. 

Thank you again for your interest and support in the Salem Bike Vision! We encourage you to make sure you are following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and also consider purchasing an SBV shirt on Etsy to show your support. 

Virginia, Ian, and Dylan


  • In Austin, Texas’s Capital, the City has constructed over 50 miles of protected bike lanes over the last decade and much of it was funded by bonds like the one the City of Salem is considering now. Our Vision also calls for around 50 miles of protected bike lanes–if Austin can do it, we can do it! 
  • In 2015, Streetfilms highlighted some of the work Austin had done to date after starting to build protected bike lanes in 2010. It’s a glimpse into the future of what Salem can be.
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