Radio Show

The Elephant in the Room

Join program host and 350 member Tom Ellis as he interviews guests about climate issues from a local, state and regional perspective on our 350 Salem OR radio show, The Elephant in the Room. The program airs on KMUZ Community Radio the first Tuesday of every month at 8 a.m., on the dial at 100.7 and 88.5 FM.

Helping Gardeners Prepare for Climate Change
Brooke Edmunds, Extension Service, Oregon State University
October 2021

A Different Approach to Managing Forests
Dr. George Wuerthner, Forest Ecologist and Author
September 2021

Update on Salem’s Climate Action Plan
Patricia Farrell, Project Manager, Salem Climate Action Plan Task Force
August 2021

Drought in the Klamath Basin
Becky Hatfield Hyde, Klamath Basin rancher, writer, consultant
July 2021

Permaculture: From Grass Seed to Sustainable Farming at My Brothers’ Farm
Taylor Larson, Co-owner, My Brothers’ Farm, Eugene
July 2021

Making the Case for a “Steady Economy”
Rob Dietz, Director of the Post Carbon Institute and Co-author of Enough is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources
June 2021

Climate Change and Gaia Theory
Martin Ogle, Naturalist and Founder of Entrepreneurial Earth
May 2021

The Interface Between Public Policy, Social Attitudes and the Natural Environment
Joe Bowersox, Professor, Director for Willamette Center for Sustainability, Willamette University
April 2021

Permaculture: Creating Food Forests
Marisha Auerbach, Permaculture Editor, Portland State University
March 2021

Public Health as a Climate Change Issue
Oregon Senator Deb Patterson
March 2021

Seeking Environmental Justice through Legislation
Lisa Arkin, Beyond Toxics
Aimee Okotie-Oyekan, Eugene/Springfield NAACP
February 2021

Promising Future for Solar Energy
Rob Del Mar, Oregon Department of Energy
December 2020

Permaculture Practices at Bethel Heights Winery
Mimi Casteel, Holistic Vintner, Bethel Heights Winery
December 2020

Update on Salem’s Climate Action Plan
Vanessa Nordyke, Salem City Councilor
December 2020

How Salem Can Achieve Its Climate Action Plan Goals
Casey Kopcho, Planning Commissioner, City of Salem
November 2020

Climate Change as a Public Health Issue
Damon Motz-Storey, Physicians for Social Responsibility
September 2020

Public Transit to Curb Climate Change
Ian Davidson, Chair of the Board, Cherriots
August 2020

Will the Pandemic Affect People’s Attitude and Behavior Around Climate Change?
Janet Lorenzen, Sociology Professor, Willamette University
June 2020

Permaculture: Working With Nature as an Adaptive Response to the Pandemic and Climate Change
Andrew Millison, Horticulture Instructor, Oregon State University
June 2020

Monarch Butterfly Preservation in the Willamette Valley
Stephanie Hazen, Retired Veterinarian and Citizen Scientist
May 2020

How Climate Change Affects Forests / How Federal Agencies and the Timber Industry Contribute to Climate Change
Chandra LeGue, Oregon Wild
April 2020

Environmental Impacts of Covanta Marion Waste Incinerator
Hollie Oakes-Miller, Environmental Science Professor, Portland Community College
Susann Kaltwasser, Environmental Activist
March 2020

Salem’s Climate Action Plan
Tom Anderson, Salem City Councilor
February 2020 

Update on Local and State Climate Action
Phil Carver, 350 Salem OR
January 2020

Tom Ellis is a retired professor of English and Humanities who moved to Salem from Hampton, Virginia, after retirement in 2017. He is a lifelong environmental activist, a practicing Buddhist and a permaculture enthusiast.