Progressive Salem Candidates

Meet the Candidates

Here are the outstanding Progressive candidates we support:

Salem Mayor
Chris Hoy

Progressive Salem helped to recruit and elect Chris to the City Council in 2017 and have strongly supported him ever since. As our mayor he has led efforts to find real solutions to our homeless crisis and to provide more affordable housing, among many other accomplishments.

Salem City Council, Ward 1
Virginia Stapleton
Progressive Salem helped to recruit and elect Virginia to the City Council in 2020. She now serves as Council President and is a champion for safer streets and a thriving downtown among many other priorities.

Salem City Council, Ward 3
Nathan Soltz

Nathan was recruited and is endorsed by outgoing Ward 3 Councilor Trevor Phillips. At a young age, Nathan has devoted his life to public service, as Chief of Staff for Senator Lew Frederick and Secretary of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

Salem City Council, Ward 5
Irvin Brown

Irvin Brown is the current chair of the city’s Budget Committee and works for the state’s Dept. of Human Resources as a policy advisor for education, homelessness and behavioral/mental health. He’s served in the U.S. Navy and on the advisory Committee for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. 

Salem City Council, Ward 7
Vanessa Nordyke

Progressive Salem helped to recruit and elect Vanessa to the City Council in 2020. As Councilor she has worked successfully with other Councilors on the issues of homelessness, affordable housing, and supporting local businesses.

Progressive Salem

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