Neighborhood Circles

In the midst of this pandemic, we’re required to physically distance from one another. But now it’s more important than ever to stay connected and take care of each other.

Handshakes, no. Community, yes.

Many of us have our own support systems, including families and friends who we can turn to in difficult times. However, many do not. That means local support networks are becoming particularly important.

One of the best ways we can share and receive support during this challenging time is to organize a hyper-local support network on our block. Friends in Neighborhood Circles can help share needed supplies, make grocery runs for older folks or those with compromised immune systems, check in on isolated people, or share COVID-19 information and resources.

Pizza, anyone?

Neighbors can even plan a physically distanced block party! While we can’t hug or shake hands, on sunny evenings we can have a wine-and-cheese party or eat dinner on the sidewalk outside our home and chat with our neighbors who are doing the same.

Our neighbors to the north have started a “caremongering” trend.