Climate Action Plan

Our Salem is creating a vision for the future of Salem City. The multi-year planning project will guide development in the city for years to come. The communitywide visioning has included public workshops, stakeholder interviews, surveys and more.

350 Salem OR has provided a consistent presence during the planning process. In response to several years of advocacy, a Climate Action Plan was included in Salem’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Climate Action Plan (CAP) will set goals and actions for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in collaboration with local utilities, state agencies and educational institutions.

What’s YOUR vision for the future of Salem?

Learn about four scenarios for how Salem could grow and let city planners know what you think. The scenarios were developed based on input from the community, and the city is interested in what residents like and dislike about each option.

Your participation can help shape a greener city, with less auto-dependent housing, more public transit, and more neighborhood hubs accessible by walking and biking.

Help ensure that land use and transportation fit together to reduce climate-changing emissions, even as the city is expected to grow. We envision a community where all residents can live in neighborhoods where places to live, work and recreate are within easy reach.

Take the ONLINE SURVEY. Your input is important!

A 2019 Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory showed that cars and trucks are the major source of GHG emissions in Salem (53%). Help create a walkable, livable city. Learn more and take the online survey.